How to Share HQ Pictures in WhatsApp without Compression

If you don’t know how to Share HQ Pictures in WhatsApp, by the end of reading this post you’ll know a…

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Programming Languages for Android App Developement

Android app development is your interest now that is you came here to read some interesting thing about it. Android…

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circular image view in android example

Circular Android ImageView with Border Color Example

Let’s see how to set a circular image view in android.Android circular image view is not available by default in…

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recover deleted files in anroid

Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Root and Root

If you ever deleted files accidentally from your Android smartphone, this post will help you to recover deleted files for…

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android button with text and icon

How to Make Circle Button With Text and Icon in Android

We can make android circle button with text and icon using java and xml as well. It takes time and…

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Android Rounded Corners Button Example

Android rounded corners button are by default not available in the android studio but you can make one using xml….

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