Force Update Android App When New Version Available Example

Lets see how to force user to update android app when a new version is available on the play store. This helps the developers/app owners to notify the users about new version of the app in the play store and lets the user download the app.

In order to implement this feature, we need to use update handler library that is available in the Github. Update hanlder will show a dialog to the user whenever an update is available and it shows what’s new in the app.

These details are fetched from your app play store link, so we need to worry about the info that this library fetches.

How to implement this force update android app feature in this android project ?

  • Create an android project and add the following library

  • Now add the following the permissions to the Android Manifest File

  • Add the following code to the

This library has inbuilt alert dialog, so we need not build a new one. So whenever a new update is available in the play store, it shows an alert dialog to the user.

We do not need to add any thing to the layout file.

After deploying your app to play store,  when ever an update is available it shows the update dialog as the following.

force update android app

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