How to Convert Website into Android App in Android Studio

After using an Android smartphone, most of blog or website owners might have thought to get an android app for their blog or website. Creating a native android app for blog or website in the android studio requires a professional to make it.

Otherwise, it will take a good time to learn about user interface design and networking libraries to make one your self. In WordPress, we have many plugins that will help to create an android app for blog/website with ease, but most of them are either paid or plugin owners include their ads in it.

On the other hand, we have the online website to android app converters but they result in big size apk.

Then how? can’t we create a simple app for our blog/website by our self?

The answer is YES, we can create it by our self and convert your website into android for free.

This tutorial will teach you to convert a website/blog into Android app.

We can create an android application for any WordPress/blogger/website for free.

Android has WebView API, WebView API helps us to create an android app that just points URL, simply this lets us embed our website in the app but before embedding, we have to make sure that our blog/website has a responsive theme.

Wait, one more thing is that you don’t need to have amazing programming skills to do it, you just need to know how to use the Android studio moreover very thing you have to do it is mentioned step by step in detail below.

Let’s start doing it.


  • Blog/Website must have a responsive theme.
  • A PC/Laptop or PC with Android Studio installed in it.
  • and the last one is 5 minutes of our time.

Open your Android Studio and follow the steps below

  • Click on File > Project > New Project

  • Replace “My Application” with your blog/website or desired name and Click Next.

  • Now select the minimum android version that your app wants to support and click Next.

  • In this step, select Empty Activity and click Next.

  • Now click on Finish

We have successfully created a project in Android Studio and next thing is to put some code for UI and Functionality.

Project Files will look like below.

  • Now open file and place the below code in it.

Replace with your blog/website domain name

  • Open activity_main.xml and copy and place the below code in it.

Coding for UI and functionality part is completed. In order to connect to domain, we need to permit Internet permissions to the app.  We need to specify the internet permission in AndroidManifest.xml file.

  • Double click on manifests folder on left top to open the AndroidManifest.xml file

Place the below permission specifier just above application tag.

After this, AndroidManifest.xml file will look like below

The entire procedure is completed.  Click the green play button to run the app.

You can see this entire procedure in this video tutorial.


You can download the project from here:


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