Android Rate Us Dialog Example

In this post, we’ll see how to see implement the android rate us dialog example for android app programmatically. Rate us/Rate app dialogs are generally a request to the user to rate/review the app depending upon the user interface, user experience, and app features.

Many Android app rating libraries exist to implement rate app features but instead of using a library, we’ll use a java file to implement the same simple rate app feature with ease.

Thanks to delight-im and for his hard work for creating this feature.

Let us see how to implement the app rate feature in android programmatically.

Create a project and Create a Class called and paste the following code.

Now go to file and implement the app rate feature as below.

for debugging purpose, set setDaysBeforePrompt() and setlaunchesBeforePrompt() to Zero.

setDaysBeforePrompt() is to define after how many days the rate dialog has to appear to the user.

setLaunchesBeforePrompt() is to define after how many app launches, the rate dialog has to appear to the user.

We can set our custom text in rate dialog, to request the user to rate the app.

setTragetUri() uses your app play store link to redirect the user to app after user taps on Rate Now.

We can see the output below

app rate dialog example programmatically

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