force update android app

Force Update Android App When New Version Available Example

Lets see how to force user to update android app when a new version is available on the play store….

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app rate us dialog example

Android Rate Us Dialog Example

In this post, we’ll see how to see implement the android rate us dialog example for android app programmatically. Rate…

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Custom Font in Android Example in Android Studio

In this post, we’ll show you an example of custom font for Android app in the Android studio. We can…

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create icons in android studio for android app

Create Material Design Icon for Android App in Android Studio

In this post, we’ll see how to create material design icon for the Android app in the Android studio. Material…

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Progress Dialog deprecated, Alternative is SpotsDialog Example in Android

Progress Dialog deprecated in Android Oreo 8 i.e., SDK 26. Now it’s time to find some alternative to the progress…

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handling runtime permissions using tedpermissions library

Handling Runtime Permissions in Android Using TedPermissions Library

Runtime permissions in android are introduced in Android Version 6 Marshmallow i.e., SDK 23. In short, runtime permission means, requesting…

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convert website into android app features

How to Convert Website into Android App in Android Studio

After using an Android smartphone, most of blog or website owners might have thought to get an android app for…

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change home as up indicator icon

2 Ways to Change Home As Up Indicator/Navigation Icon in Android Studio

Home as up indicator or back arrow button generally takes the user to previous activity from the current activity in…

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ShareIt Features: Did You Know All These Features ?

We know ShareIt Android App and ShareIt features after Android into the market. ShareIt is a file sharing android app,…

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random number generator android app example

(App)How to Make Random Number Generator Android App – Droidblogger

The random number generator android app generates a random number in the given range i.e., shows a number that is…

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